CAD Training

Perth Cadcentre specialises in the delivery of targeted AutoCAD training specifically matched to a customer’s needs. This is generally provided as short one on one sessions for business professionals or individuals, at times to suit their schedules. Group training is also available if required.

Short sharp training sessions provide a very cost effective way for customers to get answers to specific questions. This type of training is particularly handy for those who have busy schedules and cannot afford to take whole days off for class room style training.

For those with limited CAD knowledge, accelerated learning can be achieved by utilising 2 to 3 short training sessions per week. This provides concise increments of learning that can be easily retained, with the opportunity to practice between sessions.

Perth Cadcentre utilises courseware training material with the beginner CAD students. These manuals are available for purchase and are recommended so that practice can be done at home between sessions. As skill levels improve we can then customise the training and focus on more specialised areas.