CAD Support

Perth Cadcentre offer expert Technical Support for AutoCAD via phone and email. We have extensive knowledge of AutoCAD backed by 30 years of industry experience. Most support issues are resolved promptly by our technical team. If necessary, rare complex issues are escalated to Autodesk world wide support for analysis.

We provide 30 days free phone and email technical support as standard for all new purchases.

We generally find most issues can be answered easily within a few minutes, which we provide as a standard service at no charge to our customers. For more complex issues that require research, investigation or drawing analysis, we provide a support service charged by time. This can be tracked on a monthly basis in our Job Tacking system so that you only pay for support services as it is used. If desired, technical support can be pre-purchased in blocks of 8 hrs to the level that you think you may need at discounted rates. We will track the hours used and provide a report each month advising the hours used and the amount remaining.

Please call us now or send us an email if you would like further information and pricing on CAD Support.