3D Design & Visualisation

Perth Cadcentre has the ability to assist with all of your 3D Design and Visualisation needs using the latest industry standard Software.

Our 3D design services include:

• Product Design / Industrial Design

All aspects (plastics, metals, timbers, ceramics, etc.)

• Digital Prototype Development

Digital testing (strength, collision, clearance, end of life)

• 3D print & CNC ready formatting

Your files will be ready for 3D prototyping

• Design documentation

Design specification drawings including Bill of Materials

Photo realistic renderings as required

• Reverse Engineering

Digital documentation of your existing prototype

Pattern/Template to CAD for CNC processing

Our 3D Services are offered on a project by project basis, catering specifically for your individual requirements. We work to deliver high quality, market ready designs that are suitable for manufacturing, CNC Processing, 3D Print Media, Marketing Material and the like.

All work is strictly confidential and nondisclosure agreements can be entered into upon request. All copyright entitlements remain the property of the client.